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Courtesy of Midnight Confetti. Lost Count Cake Topper. Courtesy of Catch My Party. Mason Jar Cookies. Courtesy of Big Dot Of Happiness. Advertisement Ask friends if they have any skills in fishing, etc. Have a fun birthday! I have an 11 year old boy who is gonna be 12 soon and he has dyspraxya. I was wondering if you could help me to sort out something for him and his friends to do on his birthday. By Lorraine from England. Can he play videogames if he is sitting well-supported? What does he enjoy?

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You could have movies and pizza. Advertisement Bowling alleys have many accomodations they can make, including gutter guards and ramps for rolling the bowling balls down. Unless it is a surprise, ask him what he thinks would be fun. If it is a surprise, ask his friends for suggestions. Good luck! Does your son's school have a speech-language pathologist? If so, consult her. She's studied dyspraxia, knows what is popular in school for kids his age, and might have an inside line on what he and his friends can do together that wouldn't be too difficult for him.

There's nothing worse than being sidelined watching others have all the fun. She'd also be able to consult with his teacher, and together, they might have picked up on some things he's failed to mention to you that are going on or that kids in your area are wanting to do. My son is soon turning 12 and he has been going through an emotional time, as he is gay.

I don't know what to do for his party. Please help. Does he have friends he can invite, or would this be a problem? One year when my oldest son had no friends that he could invite just because he wasn't getting along with anyone, we made his birthday celebration a family getaway weekend.

We went to the city, saw a dinosaur movie that was just out that he was excited about, went to a science center, ate out in his favorite kind of restaurants, and just had a nice family time.

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A birthday celebration doesn't have to have dozens of guests. If your son has only one or two good friends, you could plan something special for them - a trip to the pool, a movie, a day trip to an amusement park. With only one or two guests, you can do more expensive things.

Or maybe he would just like to have one or two friends over to play video games or something like that, hang out, have cake and pizza or something. There is nothing wrong with having a very low key celebration. Talk to your son.

12th Birthday Party Ideas

Perhaps he would like something like eating out at an "grown-up" style fancy restaurant with the family - maybe grandparents as well, - and having a cake there. It is always a thrill to have the servers bring out a cake with candles and sing happy birthday! I need a theme for a party. It's a home party and I need ideas for themes. It's for his 12th birthday party and he's energetic. By Marcus W. My son turned 12 just last weekend and we were not planning on doing a big party so I didn't book any venue or do any planning.

But he wanted to invite some of his friends from school over on Sunday so I ended up having 12 boys of similar age. They ended up playing, silly strings, nerf guns I bought about bullets , football at the park and hide and seek,etc. Since they are not really small kids they make up their own games and come up with one. They watched football on TV while eating. I was very worried on how to entertain them for 4 hours but it was not a problem at all. Instead of cake I gave them ice cream with lot of toppings and added nerf gun bullets to take home to their party favors. Add to Page Ask a Question.

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