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The higher the percentage, the more compatible you can expect to be!

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As as Sagittarius born on December 15th , you are most compatible with Aquarius and Libra. On the day of your birth, December 15th , the moon was in the Waning gibbous phase. Following your birth, the next full moon after your birthday was on Currently the moon is in the Waxing gibbous phase, and is at The next full moon is on You will see an increase in the following traits today:.

Enter new date:. Birthday Overview Zodiac Roman Numerals. Date Roman Zodiac. Zodiac sign for December 15, Sagittarius Zodiac sign for December 15, Sagittarius traits:.

December 15th Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Weekly Horoscope What you need to know: Your planetary ruler Jupiter passes your birth stars this month, prepare to see alterations in your professional orientation. Your spiritual color is green. Your symbol is The Centaur. Lucky numbers for a December 15th birthday are 9, 43, 61, 77, 81, 88, and But that's not all! As someone born in mid December you are born only 7 days before the Capricorn period.

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  • Because of this, you are deeply aligned with the Capricorn constellation. Sagittarius Love and Relationship Compatibility Here we have listed how compatible you can expect to be with each other sign.

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    Lunar Zodiac On the day of your birth, December 15th , the moon was in the Waning gibbous phase. Virgo, you will notice a certain need that you can fulfill in a partner or a family member that is closer to you. Wise advice or kind words are easier to exchange in either text or over the phone and you feel heard.

    You may meet someone or get an invitation to meet with a friend that comes at the right time.

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    Libra, release your fears and allow yourself to enjoy this time in your love life. You may experience love and relate with your friends and family in a new and exciting way. Take time at the end of the day to reflect on what was meaningful for you.

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    You may find something someone says gives you something to think about. Scorpio, thoughts about your relationship will surface and provide you with new insight into your own feelings. Trust issues may come up but this is a time for healing that allows your heart to open up in new ways. You may find things are changing faster than you're ready for and this could mean that a new love, if you're single, or a renewed sense of love is experienced by you and your partner.

    December 15 Zodiac is Sagittarius - Full Horoscope Personality

    Sagittarius, you are more playful and flirty today and things are fresh and new for you in a good way. You have a kindred spirit who reaches out to you for some one-on-one time. Perhaps you are close to your soulmate and will meet this person sooner than you realize. Someone close to you may need some more loving kindness. Your intuition about another's needs helps you to know what to say. You'll find yourself knowing how it is to be in another person's situation.

    In some way, you'll be acting like a guardian angel as you help by listening to their concerns. Aquarius, you get to choose between something you want and something that needs to wait until later.

    Sagittarius Dates, Sagittarius Zodiac Dates | Zodiac Sign Astrology

    Your listening skills improve today and you get to hear what's not spoken and know what's going on without being told. Express gratitude for the spiritual gifts you experience today.

    Andi asks is your Birthday December 15th...

    Pisces, you experience a healing today. You may find that as you rest your mind and heal your spirit at the end of the day, not only do you feel better but you're more in tune with your thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to your daydreams and night visions as they will also help guide your awakening. Follow her on social media. Follow Us.

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