Lunar eclipse january 10 2020 astrology cancer

People over profits, Pluto in Capricorn.

These are the warring elements at the end of the Saturn — Pluto synodic cycle. Yeats would have said, under this spiraling gyre of the eclipses and the synodic cycles.

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EclipseWise - Eclipses During

Skip to content. Paypal Donation. This suggests a significant time for all, involving telling someone close to you the truth about a money or romantic situation from your past. This also means it's time to tell yourself the truth about this matter.

2020 Astrology Calendar: Retrogrades, Full Moons, and More

It's overdue. Mars Retrograde, from September 9 - November 13, will be particularly tricky since Mars will be backtracking in his home sign of Aries. You might feel like you've run out of steam during this time and must accept that, sometimes, you just can't fight your life's battles the way you're used to.

Use this Mars Retrograde downtime to regroup, go within, and learn more about the art of making love, making war, and, most importantly, making you as strong as can be from the inside out. The final eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis occur on June 21 and July 5, wrapping up a long-term lesson of home and family versus career and worldly ambitions. You have a real chance at these eclipses to see the fruits of your labor, but what might surprise you is that the goals you once had are no longer as important as they once were. Priorities shift and that's OK. It's called life.

Personally, however, we tend to experience eclipses most strongly when they form close aspects especially conjunctions, squares, and oppositions to planets in our birth chart.

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Each time an eclipse aspects one of the planetary crosses that you bear, a narrative of change emerges — one that is repeated over and over throughout your lifetime. Lunar Eclipses, Earthly Instincts — At this lunar eclipse, there is something in you that longs to connect more deeply with the Earth, to drink from her cool waters and lay your head upon her sweet grass.

Sagittarius Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

Some long-ago pain has reared up and sent you packing, returning home to mother Earth for solace. As you gaze up at the half-bitten Moon, know that the Earth is offering you something, some smooth block of marble, a piece of wood, a section of clay. Open your instinctive mind, and ask yourself: What is it that wants to be brought into being?