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In , chances of traveling with your partner are on the horizon, Aquarius.

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope: October |

Your marriage life as per the Aquarius marriage horoscope denotes some challenges related to children after March Possible disappointments might become a cause of worries. Your kids might remain at an emotional distance from you for the rest of the year. Though most of the year looks splendid for your marriage and love life, the Aquarius love horoscope speaks of certain crucial periods this year:. After May In this period, some misunderstandings are possible with your partner, Aquarius.

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Your behavior might remain irate and aggressive. Listen patiently and talk softly for better results. Your mind might be clouded with baseless doubts towards your partner.

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  4. Strictly avoid suspicion on your partner based on rumors, as this can destroy your marital life forever. Be thoughtful and verify your facts before acting on them. Your horoscope indicates that the most challenging part of this phase could continue till September Proceed carefully.

    March On wards: Aquarius, after March, your thoughts might take a pessimistic turn. According to your marriage horoscope, if care is not taken, this may spoil happiness and harmony in your domestic life.

    Aquarius October 12222 Love Horoscope

    Work continuously at filtering your thoughts and keeping a positive outlook towards life. August to September Aquarius, attitude of your spouse seems to change as August starts. Chances are they might become unreasonable aggressive and irate. Anyone can pop a bottle of champagne, but your unique outlook can be far more engaging.

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    October With passionate Mars influencing mind-broadening and distant horizons, you could feel increasingly keen to explore or pursue adventures that may have been sidelined — and you can be sure someone wants to be your travel companion! However, you might also feel noticeably more emotionally self-sufficient and inclined to put yourself first at times.

    Don't believe you must prove yourself to a lover or love interest or that encouraging new levels of competitiveness will be met with the enthusiasm you thought they might. Now is the time to implement modes of self-care, and don't hesitate to enlist the help of others, such as a therapist, energy worker , or trusted teacher.

    Aquarius Love Horoscope 12222

    You're further pushed to take responsibility for yourself when communicator Mercury in Libra squares one of your ruling planets, Saturn, in Capricorn on Sunday, September Any unprocessed grief runs the risk of spilling into your present life if you don't listen to Saturn and take care of yourself. Libra season begins on Monday, September Libra is the sign of balance and a reminder that we all contain both dark and light. Echoing this month's call to spend time alone, on Wednesday, September 25 , abundant Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn.

    It's likely to be a weird night for romance, so permission is granted to avoid the whole thing and take a bath. After so much self-care, why not enjoy what else Libra season has to offer?

    Libra is ruled by Venus and loves beauty, money, and sex. There's a new moon in Libra, which marks new beginnings, on Saturday, September Shake off all that emotional processing with a night out with friends. Try swiping Milk Makeup Holographic Stick on the high points of your face for Aquarian otherworldly shine. Find Sophie on Instagram and Twitter.