Significations of planets in vedic astrology

The planet is exalted in the Cancer zodiac sign while debilitated in Capricorn that is just in the opposite.

The planet Jupiter owns the Sagittarius and Pisces. When the planet Jupiter is strong enough that brings immense benefits like good health, personality, luxury, spirituality, power, position and authority etc. The planet Jupiter makes native public representative. It brings phenomenal achievement in business, career, profession and matrimonial life etc.

The planet Jupiter can also be malefic when it is debilitated, afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars and combust with Sun. The ill-placed Jupiter can make one poverty-stricken. As a rule, the Jupiterian is honest, dutiful, lovable and affectionate. The person belongs to Jupiter planet is often seen involved with social welfare and becomes the head of the temple and trust.

The auspicious Jupiter can make the native a good educator, teacher, treasurer, priest, social worker and it can make the person head of the spiritual organization. The planet Jupiter rules the life of a native for 16 years as per the Vimshottari Dasha system. The period of 16 years can be both malefic or benefic depending upon the power and strength of the planet Jupiter. If the planet Jupiter is exalted, own signed and placed in a friendly sign then it will definitely bring health, happiness, harmony, money, wealth, social status, intelligent and healthy kids and reputation as well. However, the same Jupiter can be harmful when it is ill-placed in Capricorn or afflicted by malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sun.

The Guru Chandal yoga is an extremely inauspicious yoga that brings bad result for the native. Despite best effort the planet Guru does not offer good result to the native if it is conjoined with Rahu and Ketu. The planet Jupiter brings result differently when it is conjoined with other planets such as Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. The planet Jupiter also creates Gajakeshari yoga when it is posited in Kendra from the Moon. The Gajakeshari yoga makes the native rich, powerful and it gives gift of eloquence.

It makes the native a public speaker.

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The conjunction of planet Jupiter with Sun can make the person well-behaved, soft spoken and high minded. This also makes the person genuine, honest and friendly. The friendship of this native lasts long. The conjunction of the planet Jupiter with Moon makes the native noble minded and helpful. Saturn represents hardwork , persistence and patience. This age is extremely important because at this age , the person successfully understands the true meaning of Saturn.

We learn to become more humble , patient and learn the true reality of our life : aging We are made to focus on our karma. Eg : For a pisces ascendant , if saturn sits in the 8th house You will definitely feel that there is some karma related to the 8th house that you need to finish and it will help you to explore that further. It can also make you obsessive with that particular thing.

In general , it can also make the person more materialistic and prone to getting into wrong and dangerous activities or addictions. It makes us more self aware and self actualized.

Houses : Their Significations and Significators

This is actually the time for self introspection and to look within ourselves. It will make you focus on your past , all the things you have done in your past and all the karmas performed. This is the best time to become more spiritual and close to God. Its the time to forget about name , fame , luxury etc and to look within. Labels: Maturity age of planets. No comments:. Post a Comment Note: only a member of this blog may post a comment.

Significance and specifications of Mars planet in vedic astrology by diqymeva.tkp joshi astrologer

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. The ki Saturn is a Sudra worker. Learning and intelligence is the forte of the learned class. Bravery is the forte of the warrior class. Getting along with others well is the forte of the trader class. Hard work is the forte of the working class.

It should be noted that Moon, who was earlier classified in the planetary cabinet as a king, is said here to be of Vaisya varna.

Importance of Mars in a Horoscope

Sun is a king who is also a warrior. He is a brave king, who asserts himself. But Moon is a king who gets along well with everyone. Sun, Moon and Jupiter are saattwik planets. Mercury and Venus are raajasik planets. Mars and Saturn are taamasik planets. NOTE: There is a misconception today that sattwa guna means patience and not hurting others. An aggressive response to an offender is often thought to be raajasik. Pleasing others with artificial goodness is not sattwa guna. Punishing a person for his mistakes is not necessarily rajo guna.

But, if a warrior fights a sinning person with no passion or ego, it can still be a saattvic act.

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Lord Sri Rama and Sun are examples for this. Sun is a king of the warrior class and yet he is saattwik. Lord Rama, who was born with his amsa, is a saattwik person despite killing Ravana and other demons. Rajo guna shows some passion, energy and impurity in thoughts and actions. Tamo guna shows a dark, mean and depraved spirit in thoughts and actions. Sun lives in a temple. Moon lives in a watery place. Mercury lives in a sports ground. Jupiter lives in a treasure house.

Venus lives in the bedroom. Saturn lives in a filthy area.

12 Astrology Houses & Planets in Houses

Sapta dhaatus or 7 matters make up human body. The planetary rulerships are as follows: Sun rules bones. Moon rules blood. Mars rules marrow. Mercury rules skin. Jupiter rules fat. Venus rules semen materials related to the reproductive system. Saturn rules muscles. If Sun is afflicted, it can show some problems related to bones. Weakness of Moon may give blood related problems. And so on. Sun rules an ayana. Moon rules a minute.

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Mars rules a week. Mercury rules a ritu. Jupiter rules a month. Venus rules a fortnight. Saturn rules a year.