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Mechanical philosophers like Marin Mersenne — and the "Christian Epicurean" Pierre Gassendi — denied the doctrine of the influence of the stars on the Earth that astrology was based on, as it had no mechanical explanation.

Although several of the founding members of the Royal Society practiced astrology, it lost its central intellectual role in the late seventeenth century. Astronomers increasingly justified their science as useful in navigation and cartography rather than astrology.

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Copernican astronomy did not "dis-prove" astrology, but the shift from an earth-centered to a sun-centered cosmos did call into question traditional geocentric astrological interpretation. Astrology also suffered from the general decline of magical thinking as Europe entered the eighteenth century. Although many ordinary people continued to believe in astrology, it was not taken seriously by most scientists and intellectuals.

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Colour He is the supreamest or highest of all Planets; is placed betwixt Jupiter and the Firmament, he is not very bright or glorious, or doth he twincle or sparkle, but is of a Pale, Wan or Leaden, Ashy colour slow in motion. Motion Finishing his Course through the twelve signs of the Zodiack in 29 yeers, dayes, or thereabouts; his middle motion is two minutes and one second; his diurnall motion sometimes is three, four, fi ve, or six minutes, or seldom more. Latitude His greatest North Latitude from the Ecliptick is two degrees 48 minutes; his South Latitude from the Ecliptick is two degrees 49 minutes; and more then this he hath not.

Houses In the Zodiack he hath two of the twelve Signes for his Houses, viz.