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His technique of predictive astrology involves, interalia, mixing the analysis of the birth chart, the varsh chart annual horoscope and the prashna chart horary horoscope. As a result of this combined analysis, he is well known for his remarkably accurate forecasts, which helps the people in taking appropriate decisions in times of crisis.

He is considered to be an authority on the subject of astrology. Services: Astrologer , Horoscope , Prashna Kundli.

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Message Me X. Please wait There is no other way to ask question on aapke tare. How to contact Deepak Kapoor? About Channel: Aaj Tak is a hour Hindi news television Deepak Kapoor - JyotishGuru. Deepak Kapoor is regarded as the Master of the Prashna Kundali. He is a world-renowned astrologer with over 30 years of experience in the field.

He has been teaching astrology for over 15 years and has 4 best selling books on astrology to his credit. Aapke Tare is hosted by Mr. Deepak Kapoor.

Deepak Kapoor

The show is hosted by Jyotishguru Deepak Kapoor. The shows provide rashi based forecasts. Deepak Kapoor is one of the reputed astrologers of our time. Contact Us - JyotishGuru.

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Astrology by Deepak Kapoor - JyotishGuru. Deepak Kapoor and get all your queries answered!

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