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Venus in Sagittarius - Mars in Gemini. Venus in Sagittarius - Mars in Cancer. Venus in Sagittarius - Mars in Virgo. Venus in Sagittarius - Mars in Libra. Venus in Sagittarius - Mars in Scorpio. Venus in Sagittarius - Mars in Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius - Mars in Capricorn. In other words, Libra is into being worshipped. The sex can be well worth it, even if you only get together once or twice. Libra definitely knows how to linger over moments of pleasure, and will leave you at the mercy of the next move this smooth lover makes.

In truth, this challenging lover could be interesting enough to form a long-lasting relationship with. This is your dream come true.

Venus in Aries (Detriment)

Scorpio is the essence of seduction, pleasure, and sexual mystery. Diving into bed with this sumptuous creature can be like an escape into the deepest part of the jungle -- a place of danger and wonder, but filled with the thrill of adventure. Nothing you do or suggest will be "too gross" or "too much" for Scorpio.

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Another pleasant surprise you may come across is how easy it is for the two of you to get along outside of bed. Your karmic lesson from Scorpio will be that insisting on excellence may never result in true perfection, but it will help you get kind of close. The wild and crazy Sagittarian will be a source of fascination for you. You might wonder what it will take to impress this person enough to get this tireless searcher to stop moving around and take notice. Remember though, although Sag is a shoo-in for having a fabulous sense of humor, it will take time before this innocent creature can truly catch on to your rather dry, saucy way of poking fun at life on earth and the people who dare to try living it.

All that aside, once you get Sagittarius into your bed, you can definitely expect a feast of sensuality. This adventurous person will be ready for anything, and will probably keep you jumping in an attempt to keep up! Sagittarius has the reputation of literally being half-animal, half-human, and you may find this to be a wonderful thing when you get down to the business of having sex. It can be hard to have a close and reliable relationship with someone who likes to travel and get lost in the next, best adventure.

Although this might seem like a nice and easy prospect, you and another person born under your sign are going to struggle for supremacy almost from the get-go. There are many great things that can be said of all people born under the sign of the mighty Sea Goat, but one of them would not be that you make great team players. Mutual respect is the key to getting this liaison off the ground, so start with that. Acknowledge how attractive your partner is, and go out of your way to make sure you perform as many sexually pleasing acts as possible. More than that, open up a conversation about how you can please one another without trying to be so competitive.

It will be easy for your fellow Goat to understand what you want and why you want it. You can feel free to explore one another with as much gusto as you like! What may surprise you is how much you enjoy being together outside of bed. Meeting someone who has the same, wide-reaching perspective as you will be a wondrous experience.

Your karmic lesson? Sharing the spotlight with someone who sees things the way you do is a pretty good deal. You conduct your life in such a way that puts the emphasis on work -- and when it comes to play, you believe you just want to goof off. The idea of challenge gets you all fired up. It really is that simple. Venus in Cancer is nurturing, e motional, and supportive in love. This expression of Venus is genuine, deep, and unconditional.

Venus in Sagittarius

Regardless if the person is a man or woman, they will cook for you, take care of household chores, attend family events, and help you in any way that they can — they will try to be your all. Venus in Cancer craves a deep love with someone who they can fully combine their life with and build a home and family. Venus in Cancer is emotional and intuitive, gut feelings take the lead over logic. Another lesson for Venus in Cancer is learning to create balance by not expecting your lover to be your everything or wanting to be everything to your lover.

Find ways to connect outside side of emotional intensity, like hobbies or business endeavors. Give your lover space to do things without a guilt trip. Venus in Cancer people need a loyal, dedicated lover, who can tolerate their moodiness and keep them laughing. Leo is a social creature, that needs to be the center of attention and receive lots of praise. While this sounds very self-centered and it is Leo knows that it has to give itself to others in a genuine and honest way to receive the praise it wants.

This attitude blends well with Venus who likes to give of itself in beautiful, thoughtful, and genuine ways.

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People with Venus in Leo view their lover as an extension or representation of themselves and expect them to play a prominent role in their life. Venus in Leo likes to shower their lover with gifts and affection and will include them in activities, family events, and possibly even business. Venus in Leo needs someone who can match their drive, who can be a trusted voice of reason, and who will feed their emotional need for validation and recognition. Yes, they ask for a lot but they have no problem returning the favor. Virgo is the sign of perfection, it tries to make things perfect as possible while setting a standard of excellence.

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To carry out this hefty task, Virgo energy is structured, judging, aware, yet graceful. Venus in this placement makes for a lover that is earthy and sensual that is no holds barred when it comes to pleasing her lover. Venus in Virgo prides itself on being able to take care of its lovers needs, it wants to keep them happy physically, mentally, and emotionally and will do whatever it takes to make sure those needs are met. If you need cheering up, alone time, feel like being social, need a solution to a problem, or even need to get to the gym to get in shape — your Venus in Virgo lover is there to help problem solve and make things better.

In the pursuit of perfection, Venus in Virgo can get so wound up and focused on the details it can push love away.

Their ideal mate will be a voice of reason, that is supportive, honest, and can help Venus in Virgo lighten up and enjoy the ride even if it gets bumpy. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra and in these signs she can be herself completely; although her expression is different in each sign. In Libra, Venus is refined, thoughtful, harmonious, and graceful. Venus in Libra aims to please. Expect attention, affection, thoughtful surprises, and dedication from a lover or friend with Venus in Libra. People with Venus in Libra are very talented in design, music, poetry, and at making things look stylish.

These talents come through in all that they do including expressions of love.

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Venus in Libra are true romantics. They need attention, affection, praise, and someone who can deal with their occasional burst of emotion fueled drama. Instead of addressing the situation or arguing, Libra is more comfortable with finding another source for attention or affection they seek. In Taurus an earth sign , Venus is sensitive and emotional.

Venus in Scorpio makes for a very deep, intense, and supportive lover. They are fun, creative, supportive, and a great resource to have.

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Scorpio lives to master all that they do, including their relationships. When they commit to someone they immerse themselves into the relationship, giving their all, and is dedicated to making it work. For this reason, superficial connections and surface relationships are of no interest to Venus in Scorpio people.

The murky, depths of Scorpio is not the natural environment for Venus, she prefers to be light, social, and less contained. In love, Venus in Scorpio needs a deep emotional connection and to have a level of control over the relationship. Jealousy and being overbearing are other traits that can run a muck if not checked.


Because Venus in Scorpio will be the serious one in the relationship, their lover will need to have a lighter take on things. Venus in Scorpio will offer their lover support and strength and needs a lover to help them release some of that intensity. Rather male or female, Venus in Sagittarius people tend to be eternal bachelors.