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My girlfriend and I went to Donna for a one-hour reading of us individually and in relationship. We both thought the experience was great and that Donna was dead on in what she saw in our charts.

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There was so much great information that my brain was tired when we finished and then it was all a blur — good thing Donna sent over a recording of the session! Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She is able to translate the complexity of astrology into an understandable language for me as a beginner , without losing any depth and meaning.

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I love how she teaches and honors the ancient roots of astrology, and also emphasizes how astrology is still connected to our every day lives in practical ways. And she does it with humor and kindness, and I felt from her a true desire to help me move onward. I absolutely love her style! My reading with Donna was profoundly inspiring and exciting. She shed new light on my chart in a reading that was spot on. As if this was not enough, it was algo great fun, a meeting that I definitely enjoyed from the beginning to the end.

She is very warm, generous, inspiring and absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much! Donna has become a friend and mentor to me over the years. I will be learning more with her in the next few months as part of her focus group. Donna stretches her projections beyond the borders of time and space. It is because of the extensive scope you can benefit no matter who you are or where you might be on the planet. Her advice to take my feelings of fear, anger and frustration and turn them into courage was immeasurably helpful.


A reading with Donna helped to validate what I was feeling in my life. I felt less crazy. Listening to the recording later on was also very useful — there was so much information in the sessions. Her reading was very confirming for me. I also learned a great deal that really helped with the process of trying to see myself more holistically through astrology. So cool! It certainly predates astrological chart-making. In fact, every indigenous culture on Earth has had its own version. One that works differently from our human version of consciousness, but is no less real.

This living spirit is something with which we can interact and experience all the way down to our bones. Shamanism uses techniques and tools to induce altered states of consciousness in order to allow us to interact directly with the Spirit world for healing, divination, and communion. These tools have included guided visualizations, energy work, channelling aspecting , music, drums, chanting, dancing, attuning with natural objects and spirit allies, dreams, and entheogens.

And astrology, too. In fact, astrology chart-making was a tool specifically designed to enable us to cultivate a deeper communion with the living essence of the planets. To understand what they want, and how we can best co-create with them.

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  • As well as the obvious: to know when the planet would be visible so community rituals could be planned to connect with specific planets. They acted as mediating agents, weaving the divine and terrestrial realms together. The healer-seers of the Asclepian dream temples used dreamwork and guided visualizations to bring healing and wholeness. Even after the institutional Church tore down the temples to the old gods, archangels came to be associated with each planet, acting as their messengers. In the s and 80s, astrologers developed experiential forms of astrology, including astrodrama and guided visualizations, as part of chart interpretations.

    Fortunately shamanic astrology provides a solution to the challenge. There are modern shamanic astrologers too. Using active imagination techniques to connect with Soul to find healing certainly has roots in shamanism. Indian astrology, called Vedic or Jyotish, never lost its shamanic essence. Planetary invocations and remedial measures are a common part of the practice of this tradition.

    This is the psychology of the soul—it incorporates the spiritual element into psychotherapy. I work with shamanic elements—direct experience, the healer within, guiding people into their own interior reality. In contrast to Transpersonal psychology which tends to want to ascend, leave this earth and go into the celestial realms; shamanic psychology is about connecting heaven and earth, cycles of change, death and rebirth, and understanding that real transformation and illumination come with embodiment, rather than leaving.

    The first day, I teach the women about their Mars, so they can get in touch with their masculine side. We also work with the Moon and Venus, to access their Goddess nature, as well as some of the other chart placements. The next day, we move into a sacred marriage ceremony. Archetypes are mediating energies between heaven and earth, and they allow us to feel our divinity connected to our humanity. Jung was an astrologer and I really believe Daniel brings through Jungian psychology in a really important way through Shamanic Astrology.

    I think the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School is absolutely appropriate for our time. Shamanic Astrology gives us a very helpful map for moving through the Turning of the Ages on a collective level through observation of what is happening in the sky. It also serves as a guide for the initiation cycles that people go through. And we all really need that. For me, it offers survival of the psyche, allowing it to survive and to thrive, so that we do not lose hope and faith.

    Because I do most of my work with the psyche, that piece is the most important to me, and I can only speak to that part. Those of us who are deeply connected into Shamanic Astrology really feel the ways that the archetypes are evolving as we evolve—they evolve us and we evolve them. I have a long history of working with women, having come out of the 2 nd wave of feminism. I have moved the political into the spiritual. Those are my creations but the Priestess Process as a form comes through Nicole Christine—also a colleague of Daniels. Daniel has influenced the Priestess Process greatly.

    I also work with couples as an Imago therapist. I have a Shamanic Astrology practice as well. People contact me for readings, apart from my other work. Preparation for a Shamanic Astrology Reading. Visit: www. This is an introduction to Shamanic Astrology as taught by Daniel Giamario, and is specifically designed to provide valuable information about your first Shamanic Astrology reading.

    This introduction covers the philosophy of Shamanic Astrology, how the chart is revealed through the script, the cycles and their significance, and an investigation into relationships through chart comparison. Shamanic Astrology readings provide clues within an archetypal and mythical framework creating greater awareness for conscious participation with life purpose and the great mystery. Each reading acts to cellularly activate your divine blueprint and bring it further into conscious awareness and understanding, so you can uniquely and creatively express your true essence.

    At the Turning Of The Ages our perception of time accelerates and collective confusion is prevalent. Shamanic Astrology provides us with a valuable tool for confirming what we already know, or sense, and assists us in trusting our own inner knowing and inner process. Thus, we can better comprehend and embrace the essence or our original intent, while consciously dreaming the dream onward.

    Shamanic Astrology is designed to assist an individual in taking responsibility for their own life. Rather, the basis comes from the understanding that the cycles or patterns of the outer world, correspond with the inner cycles and patterns of our own psyche. These cycles and patterns represent the unfoldment of our own lives.

    Thus, it is acausal. Shamanic Astrology takes this idea beyond that, and suggests the outer cycles and the inner cycles are precisely the same thing. The patternings of the constellations are the As Above representation of our So Below great myths and themes rooted in our culture, and therefore, rooted in our consciousness.

    Shamanic Astrology looks at the natal chart as a script with clues about our original intent. Thus, the symbols and archetypes of the script are statements of intent. A human being always has the freedom to choose to cooperate with their original intent. We are not forced to be a certain way.

    Twelve individuals, with Sun in Aries, and Scorpio Rising, are not all the same, but they do all have the same intent. The main purpose of Shamanic Astrology is to give a person the understanding of their original intent, thereby assisting them, through the power of knowledge, in taking command and control of their own life, and giving them a vision of possibilities. These possibilities include a sense of life purpose, empowering the person with the knowledge of what their life purpose issues are.

    This is based on the idea that the predominant human motivation is not survival, not power, not sexuality, but is ultimately the quest for meaning and purpose. The quest for meaning and purpose is the real foundation of what drives people.

    Introduction to Shamanic Astrology

    So, if everything in life is going badly, but the person has a sense of meaning or purpose, they can sort it out. They can go forward. If they can discern what the underlying meaning is, then they can create a life that has purpose and magic. This is not Sun sign astrology and it does not emphasize Sun signs. The Sun is one of many factors on the natal chart. In the last one-hundred years an emphasis was placed on Sun signs because it was easy for a person to know their Sun sign.

    Before the popularization of Sun Sign Astrology, people gave their Moon sign when asked what their sign was. The Sun is in a sign for thirty days and the Moon is in a sign for two and a half, so the Moon sign is more individualizing than the Sun sign. However, even using the Moon sign is a limiting approach, because the chart as a whole is important and extracting any one element from it does not adequately identify a person.

    In Shamanic Astrology, all the archetypes of the signs and planets are valid and equally important. For example, the Moon can show up in any one of twelve different signs.

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    No one sign is greater or better and no one sign is worse for the Moon or any other planet. Whether or not a person experiences their Moon sign as comparatively easy or difficult is based upon what the prejudices of the given culture are. Our current culture has rendered judgments in the past that have supported certain approaches to being human and invalidated others. Shamanic Astrology is a full spectrum approach, presenting the vision and understanding that all archetypal approaches to being human are valid.

    It is time now to know, understand, and validate the expression of the full spectrum of human potential, including all the archetypes, and all the different possibilities available to the male and female principle. Shamanic Astrology is an antidote for patriarchal extremes. Patriarchal astrology elevated the Sun sign as one God above all others. Ultimately, it was the elevation of the male principle above all others. Shamanic Astrology looks at the whole horoscope in a polytheistic way.

    There are many Gods and Goddesses. One principle, or one planet, does not operate in a healthy way without reference to all the rest of them. The Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars, and all the of the planets, represent the complexity of the entire script. Shamanic Astrology looks at the horoscope as a symphony of three movements, or as a script for our life, outlining the original intent.

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    The chart as a symphony plays the first movement through the lineage. The lineage refers to the idea that when a person is born, they are not a blank slate. A person comes into the life with a whole series of expectations, habits, addictions, and attitudes that are in place at birth. The Moon position is an indicator of past life themes, what tribe a person comes from, what university they have several Ph. Although, past life themes are referred to, this is not literal past life work. Whether or not a person has literally had these experiences in past lives is irrelevant, because the stories work.

    We are creating a personal mythology for each person from the symbols on the horoscope that have to do with lineage. The Moon position is saying what a person was doing in the past. For example, a person with a Capricorn Moon has mastery in the area of the Capricorn archetype or mystery school. They come into the life with training or impressions in that version of reality. This introduction is not designed to go into the meaning of all the different Moon positions, or the meanings associated with the other portions of the script.

    Rather, this is designed to share a sense of the scope of the script, so when a person receives their reading they have an idea of the kinds of things that will be covered. Knowledge of the Moon allows us to determine the addictions and attachments a person has. It also represents the areas of life where a person, at a certain point, has to get their power back. Living according to the principles of the Moon is regressive.

    At best, the Moon is the foundation, the ground on which all the current life activity stands on, but without attachment. Interestingly, the only portion of the entire horoscope that has much to do with how a person tends to be when they come into the life, is the Moon. Virtually everything else on the entire horoscope are statements of intent. The second part of the script has to do with the tools and equipment of the current life.

    There are five symbols that determine what the tools and equipment are. The Sun is best understood as the fuel a person burns, or the type of food a person needs to eat or consume, so they can grow as quickly as possible in the direction of their current life goals. However, the Venus and Mars position are more important with reference to the specific archetype, or images associated with the version of the feminine and masculine a person is working on in the current life.

    The male and female principles are like a twelve-spoked wheel. Each spoke of the wheel is presided over by different Gods or Goddesses, different stories, different myths, and a different set of themes. This is a system of twenty-four archetypes. The importance of this is that it gives the entire spectrum of possibilities. Remember, all the Gods and Goddesses, or all the Venus and Mars positions are equally valid and important.