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Ode was known in ancient times as Pranavpur. In former prosperous times, the Banzara Gypsy community built a vav a well with steps and an inn for large numbers of visitors. Part of this inn was used as a middle school until During the struggle for Indian independence , Ode was the centre for the area's Satyagraha movement. In , Narshibhai Jivabhai Patel of Nar sacrificed his life for the movement.

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The Narshi-Bhavan monument was built in his memory. This building was used as a dharmashala guest house as well as a girls' school. The town has a population of about 20, within a 9. Once, it had a sizeable population of learned Brahmins who attracted many young pupils to learn Sanskrit and astrology. The majority of the population is Patidar, who are involved in various types of business. The village folk are very kind and they co-operate with each other at all times.

The local education board operates a primary school for boys and another for girls. Both these schools were built with a generous donation from Marghabhai Kishabhai Patel. This board also manages a kindergarten. Under the umbrella of various educational bodies, several educational programs cater to youths and adults. These programs include typing classes, painting, music and home science. Patel Bsc.

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Nursing College, Ode are located on the Dakor Road. Also in this college they run the B Ed [ clarification needed ] course as well and trustees also built the hostel for the B Ed students. The Mangaldas Laxmidas Patel Public Library near the hospital is equipped with a large quantity of books on a broad spectrum of subjects. Ode has a Jivabhai Patel Charitable Dispensary that has provided a valuable service since its establishment. Rambhai B. Patel also contributed to build and equip the operating theatre for the hospital.

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This hospital has been a boon to Ode and surrounding villages. Agriculture is the main source of income for Ode. Tobacco , chili peppers , peanuts and bananas are the main income sources for farmers.

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Ode has a co-operative dairy that operates in association with Amul Dairy to serve the farmers. In order to support the cash crop industry and small businesses, Ode is home to several transport companies. Ode Seva Samiti provides financial assistance to various organizations aimed at the town's multi-purpose development.

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