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We come to balance. We choose practical over beautiful. One guided by the doctrine of the greatest happiness for the greatest number. We artists of divine. Keeping humble we create. Eating the torn and ravaged pieces of our long dead lives. Ruler and master. Saturn the mystic. Saturn our father. Sea dwelling Earth magic.

We SEE in crystalline vision. Bridges emoted over the deluge of swamp and bog waters. Dying to try again. Sweat dripping from the brow of the bone.

Star Rigel: Will You Become a Millionaire?

We are already dead. With nothing to fear, stepping into the darkness. Unknown fates we know so well. From Lead, tin. Gold transmuted from poison by our centers. Centaurs in waiting. Grapes on the vine. Peacocks releasing their call. Our egos must be buried. Shovels, burned. Lady of mercy and lord of judgment. Duality, united. Seeking the truth. Becoming the Genie, the Guru and the Mystic Witch at once. We are everything. We are MAMA earth. Lady Capricorn dances for us. A rare treat. We are stars, waiting to be born. Action reaction. Melded as metals. We transit each other.

Each tune. Each Moon. The golden harmony of love. Prima matter. Matera maturnum. We dine. Taking time to rest. Grounding energy. Quiet harmony. Activities of artistic nature, well suited. Discuss, but do not brag. Pinpointing your personal magic. Savoring yourself. How delicious. Warriors of truth. Fighting back the foaming mouths of maddened canines. Jaws aching to kill. We stand firm. Hands outstretched. Welcome shadows. Set them free. The light on the horizon is wide open.

Every single door in existence is open to us. We choose our futures. Now laying the foundation, frequency and structure for the entire year. This first New Moon we organize our plans and desires. Mystical and creative endeavors come beaming into our faces. Make time for what matters. Enjoy every moment. Fixed Stars: Alioth; the dark horse of virgo.

It could mean someone of a different race and socio-economic background. It could also mean that I myself can become suddenly wealth through something related to aesthetics venus. Given that the placement is in the 9th house something about it is international or can relate to publishing. A lot of people who became super wealthy in their lives have a conjunction to this fixed star. Here and here I explained that the true knowledge comes through the illumination of the first Hermes, King Enmeduranki, who was a saint in the town of Sippar before the Flood around BC.

Astrology is an exact science that should not be based on intuition, but on…. View On WordPress. This conjunction is starting to build and will last from tomorrow 15th May now until Wednesday 17th at degrees Gemini. Mars is now approaching one of the most prominent stars in the constellation of Orion, Rigel, a star that lies in the foot of the warrior hero in the skies. Rigel also sits at the end of the constellation of Eridanus, the river. This star does have a rather chaotic and independent side to it but it is also highly regarded by the star gazers of the past.

Rigel also bring the potential for educating or informing and instructing people and is tied to teaching and learning.

Now Mars connecting with star can bring great determination and a will to win, and you can achieve much in all your aims and desires as this star can help you literally keep your feet on the ground. I think that so long as you have a plan in advance and you stick to it then you will be fine, but Mars with this star can be unruly and boisterous, thus it can lead you to being too rash and taking things for granted too much.

Now in the world around us this connection may bring about some illegal acts or some rather rash military ones. However, your vibe for those who are keen to them may be malevolent, or evil in nature. They seem to outstretch beyond death, however, not all imagery is positive. Helen Keller had that placement, however, so did many people under Hitler, who died by Hitler. With it conjunct your moon, there may be problems later in life that are unexpected and rather rare.

A Taurus New Moon brings out our laziness and that is why I am a bit late here this month.

Everything begins with a star

We are back where it all began in the dark VOID of all potential. Looking at the degrees of my natal planets and chart angles to see if any of them are in conjunct with a fixed star. In fact, though fixed stars do indeed move they have proper motion , their movement is so little that the sky you see today looks much the way it did thousands of years ago. Scholars such as Ptolemy were among the first to study the fixed stars.


Ptolemy as well as other notables also charted the astrological meanings of the fixed stars; this can be a very captivating and absorbing endeavor. A fixed star in a prominent part of your chart, through a close one or two degree aspect to your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign will impart some of those qualities to your basic nature. In close aspect to one of your planets, it will affect the affairs of that planet for example, Mercury your mind, Venus your love nature, and Mars your energy and sexuality.

Connected to the more generational planets, Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune , and Pluto , the fixed stars will affect you and your life through events surrounding you, and through the houses the planets are in. They were placed among the stars as a reward for their sisterly love, which was evinced by their sorrow at the death of their brother Hyas who was drowned in a well [in another version he was killed by a wild beast in Libya].

The Roman poet Ovid 43BC. The helical rising of the group unaccompanied by rain, was taken to foretell a barren year and they also had a reputation for causing storms. Its nature is likened to Saturn and Mercury and, well placed, the star is said to give tactfulness and fairness, but afflicted it indicates sorrow and tears, sudden unfortunate events and violent swings of fortune. There are more actors and activists here than the more introspective artists and musicians. Gomeisa gives fame through speaking, love of dogs, but also warns of frivolity, as well as the dangers of drowning and dog-bites.

According to Ptolemy Gomeisa is of the nature of Mercury and Mars. In the edition of the Alfonsine Tables, a set of astronomical tables made for Alfonso the Wise in , the alpha or brightest star is called Algomeysa. The Arabs tell that the two dog stars were sisters of Canopus, another bright star, and that they were once together. When Canopus descended to the south where it is today , Sirius, the greater dog star, followed. The third star remained in her place and wept for the loss of her two sisters until her eyes became infected with ghumsa , the white froth that collects in the inner corner of the eye.

Thus, she is called al-Ghumaisa. Canopus is now seen only in the skies of the southern hemisphere. Eye rheum primarily consists of thin, watery mucus produced by the conjunctiva called mucin , and meibum — an oily substance secreted by the meibomian glands which helps keep your eyes lubricated between blinks. This also seems linked to my natal Mars at 9 degrees Gemini , also about crying a lot!

Because the Aselli are so near, a total of five to eight degrees in Leo are hit by it. The astral influence of these far-distant worlds is equivalent to a combination of a Moon-Mars emanation. Also acting is a Neptunian influence, both in Praesepe and in the Aselli. It is easily seen on a good night, a faint misty patch about the size of the Pleiades. Praesepe, then, adds the lunar ingredient, which we can define as a providing a home or base from which the Aselli operate and b giving a mundane effectiveness to the more remotely celestial qualities of the Donkeys.

The busy atmosphere of the Beehive presents the same idea. People with the three of these stars strong in their horoscopes, favorably aspected, do show a capacity for cooperation with others, the secret of much of their success in life, symbolized by both the regime of a Beehive and by a Stable that is one home for two Donkeys. The Beehive Cluster, also known as Praesepe, in its essence is about healthy boundaries, though it has also been associated with extreme levels of defensiveness. Praesepe is an open star cluster in the Crab Constellation. It is located at about 7 degrees Leo along the zodiac.

The literal meaning of the word Praesaepe in Latin is a crib, stall, fence, or enclosure. Another connection to eyes! Also, to home. My natal sun is in the 4th and my MC is in Cancer. My moon is also in the 1st - so many connections to the past and to home. The North Scale, with its implications of riches on many levels, is a happier and more successful star than the South, which hints at poverty on many levels. It can provoke a sorrowful nature and includes a potential for victimisation. They courageously fight for what they believe to be right.

They are the mediators and balance keepers of the world. They can be aggressive in their approach. They always think about the repercussions of their actions or else are made to face it. They are calm, righteous, honest and believe in a Supreme Power and in Karma. They are the peacemakers, diplomats, negotiators, scientists, pilots, militants, attorneys, law- and book keepers of this world. They know how to make the scales books balance. They have the inner strength of a lion and people sense it about them. They are well respected. They marry young and need a partner to maintain their inner balance.

They need to look after their health. It does not let go until satisfied and they get confused as to which one of these acts they are busy with.. Blessed with good looks, gracefulness and eloquent speech. They are intuitive, patient, enduring valiant, victorious and winners. Can judge others harshly and viciously destroy their enemy, yet be kind to them afterwards.

Those around them just know, watch your step and pray! Check the placement of Zubenelgenubi in your birth chart to see which area of your life is influenced by it. Wega is Arabic for fallen and this is said to be because the constellation was represented as a vulture in ancient times, however the name could relate to the fact that it fell from the pole and this information was passed orally between generations.

In the natal chart this star represents old beliefs of our common ancestors, connection to nature and the natural cycle, change and falling away of what was, the perpetual cycle of life and evolution. Vega represents an understanding of cycles and the purpose of beliefs, symbols and mythology as an expression of who we are. A tendency for occult and mysticism may be given. The brightest fixed star of the northern sky has a Venus nature with a blend of Neptune and Mercury. In a good cosmic configuration, Vega is supposed to give artistic talents, especially for music and acting, but also a liking for good living.

With eccentric artists, this may lead to a debauched life. Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius , 4th house, conjunct Tarazed. It is said to give great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen penetrating mind and ability for chemical research.

This bird brings back the thunderbolts which Jupiter has flung and fights in the service of heaven. He that is born on earth in the hour of its rising, will grow up bent on spoil and plunder, won even with bloodshed; he will draw no line between peace and war, between citizen and foe, and when he is short of men to kill he will engage in butchery of beast. He is a law unto himself, and rushes violently wherever his fancy takes him; in his eyes to show contempt for everything merits praise.

Yet, should perchance his aggressiveness be enlisted in a righteous cause, depravity will turn into virtue, and he will succeed in bringing wars to a conclusion and enriching his country with glorious triumphs. Remember — these guys have no natural predators, so in theory, you are safe! Own this, and you are empowered to move through it and change any disadvantageous situation. Bunjil is represented in the sky by the star Altair Alpha Aquilae in the constellation Aquila.

There are no prizes for guessing that Aquila is another eagle in the sky, but one of the classical constellations as used by astronomers today. Bunjil has two wives in the form of black swans that sit either side of him represented by the stars Tarazed Gamma Aquilae and Alshain Beta Aquilae. ZAYN ; pillowtalk ;. In ancient Egypt, Sirius was known as Sopdet. Originally a goddess in her own right that personified the star. It represented fertility. I love that this star sits on the highest point of my chart. Sirius is also conjunct my Moon.

Another interesting personal astrological tidbit. My ascendant is conjunct the fixed star Minkar Epsilon Corvi in the constellation Corvus, the crow. The ascendant point in astrology represents the self. Corvis is associated with Phobus Apollo and his gift of prophesy. The story is that when Typhoon came rushing towards Olympus the gods fled in terror to Egypt disguised as animals.

Apollo took the form of a raven. This raven is the constellation Corvus. In joytish, Minkar is part of the nakshatra Hasta. It is associated with the hands. Many artists have this nakshatra prominent in their charts. Alan Annand is an astrologer and writer of crime fiction, including his New Age Noir series featuring astrologer and palmist Axel Crowe, a criminal profiler with a horoscope.

Read reviews for Scorpio Rising , buy it at:. Log in Sign up. Astrological Degrees and Fixed Stars angelfire. Aries: deneb kaitos : self destruction by brute force, sickness, misfortune. Taurus: mirach: inner beauty, amazing mind, devotion, love of home, love, good fortune in marriage and forgiveness.

Cancer: tejat prior: strength and success tejat posterior: force, energy, power and protection.

Positions for fixed stars:

Virgo: phecda: causes great dangers thuban: artistic and emotional nature zosma: egotism, selfishness, melancholy coxa: fortells royal events mizar: fortells the closeness of marriage asterion: great respect given to the native denebola: swift judgement, regrets, disgrace and misfortune alkes: artistic or musical even psychic abilities cor caroli: much confusion copula: strong passions but disappointments labrum: ideality, psychic powers and intelligence alkaid: great form of authority zavijava: force of character, strength, destructiveness markeb: wide knowledge and educational endevors.

Originally posted by geyashvecova Dreams, this time, might actually come true. Have you checked to see if the time is accurate? And I know you don't like to elaborate on people's futures, but could you tell us what part of his life would be affected and why? Like due to what placements in his chart? Ask timetohajima a question jimin park jimin fixed stars again you guys traditional astrology is serious shit only read it if you feel like you can take it if you're unfazed by these even better just read it then miya answers rereading his chart with this birth time would be interesting and easy too because part of it is already there lol we'll see i'll have a break next week i shall decide then a mutual said something to me last week and it's been on my head since then that almost everything i say around here is in between the lines i never did it on purpose tbh but now i realize it's indeed a thing lol GUYS this just occurred to me consider yourselves FORBIDDEN of googling scheat to get what i mean here nothing there will help because it's the context of his chart that makes it so please there's just simplistic definitions out there dramatic ones too i mean you CAN do it Personally, arguing is not a very good idea..

Maybe I will just shut myself up and let you do the talking because I just knew your argument, as always would go no where.. Unless it is my principles and values you will challenge.. Fixed Stars of Leadership. Nope, never gonna be over that and the fact that they never got a chance. First of all, I want to thank you for introducing me to astrology. Like, traditional astrology. I used to be one of these people who only checked stuffs about their Sun aha, but yeah Like for real. Ask timetohajima a question fixed stars damn i had totally forgotten about that about reading the fucked up thing when i first got into to ta my memory is amazing isn't it but now that i remember it's ridiculously funny 'cause that wasn't even the worst thing in my chart tsk tsk miya from the past miya answers this will probably be my last answer on fixed stars because i really can't possibly read each star explain each star this was somewhat a tutorial to get to the answers so hopefully this helped enough unless it has to do with idols' charts i won't answer these anymore.

Harry Potter astrology random facts pt1. This Taurus is feel loved when there is appreciation and compliment received out of the blue. Does it have to be one degree away, or…? Also, I read that the only aspect that affects fixed stars in a birth chart is the conjunction, so having a fixed star opposing, trining, or squaring another placement won't really do anything. Is this true? Even if you don't answer this ask, thank you for taking the time to run this blog!

Ask timetohajima a question fixed stars i know i've already answered those but you were so polite how could i not answer you?? Algol at 26 deg 10' Taurus , for them to officially apply to that birth chart, do they have to be exactly 26 10 or can it have a couple degree range ex. Algol at 27 deg or 25 deg? Ask theosophytriangle a question astrology natal chart astrological analysis fixed stars natal astrology divination fortune telling algol ptolemy precession of the equinoxes orb of influence orb asks admin horoscope zodiac occult occult theory occultism hermetic hermeticism theosophy astrological chart astrology chart constellations standalone post.

Fixed stars Gemstones Plants Herbal work Incense. There's not that much information about him: thanks in advance. Great question! Ask siderealtaurus a question ask box Asteroids fixed stars Sirius. Fixed Stars. Where is Algol in your chart? Algol fixed stars astrology. Astrology related! Please help! Ask airpharaoh a question answered fixed stars astrology sirius. Fixed Stars Lists constellationsofwords. Mars conjunct Bellatrix - The long hard struggle to success. Fixed stars Mars. Fixed past? Fixed Stars changmin sungjong yunjae tvxq Infinite onkey.

Sun in conjunction with Algol - A test of nerve and temperament. Eclipse Fixed stars. Astrology on the Web: Fixed Stars astrologycom. It also contains the autumn equinox point, which lies close to the star Beta Virginis. The fixed star needs to be within one degree and in conjunction to one of your personal planets to have impact.

The fixed stars have been used in astrology as additional indicators of various things for thousands of years. As a matter of rule, the more brilliant the star, the more active it is supposed to be in astrology. Book a Reading with Joni Today! A South Korean Girl Group was named after the star. Their name derives from Arabic bahman, "root," as each was considered a source of astrological power for one or more planets.

Well-aspected, can be victorious in war. I have chosen silver because it is a generally acceptable precious metal for talismans. It is light years distant from our Solar System. The last planetary occultation of Spica occurred when Venus passed in front of the star as seen from Earth on November 10, See more. Spica lies at the heart of a binary star, and is circled by a much fainter dwarf companion, causing its brightness to vary slightly every four days.

There are three planets, with three species near this star. The two stars on the narrow side of Me'e Corvus point to Hikianalia Spica. Its image is a horse, wolf, or man dancing. Initially, the zodiac was grouped in 12 Rashis for convenience, however the ancient seers have farther subdivided the heavens into 27 Nakshatras or star constellations for the call of precession. In the Vedic zodiac, Jupiter is still considered to be in the constellation of Chitra, which bridges the designations of Virgo and Libra.

Fixed Star: Rigel conjunct North Node - Astrologers' Community

That bluish-white star just off to the left from the Moon is the star Spica. Bernadette Brady says that Spica was considered a symbol of the gifts of harvest and bounty to mankind. Each Nakshatra or star that comes under Indian Astrology has an astronomical name associated with it and which is referred to by the Western Astrologers and Astronomers. I'don't like anything aspecting my pesky vertex, be it a benevolent star. Spica is really a close binary star system.

Locating Rigel

The star lies about 10 degrees south of the celestial equator, and practically on the ecliptic, the path of the Sun , and is regularly occulted, or covered over, by the Moon. The healing of the heart So, Western Astrology uses the tropical zodiac. Its start point is 0 deg tropical Aries: where the Sun is on the first day of Spring. No membership needed. Astrology on the Web discusses the Fixed Stars and their traditional meanings. The Star Spics is affecting your Fate, Spica is considered the most auspicious star in the sky!

Virgo is one of the 12 zodiac constellations, first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The right ascension of the star Spica in the Virgo constellation is 13 hours and 25 minutes and the declination is We begin the month with Venus traveling through the sign of Libra — one of the signs that she rules. Venus conjoins Arcturus and Spica during her retrograde and upon stationing direct.

Arcturus is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. She has won costume awards. Though a large constellation, Virgo, the Virgin, does not have much of any prominent stellar pattern, relying on Spica to tell us where it is. As was generally the case in ancient astrology the principle star characterised the entire constellation, which was known to the Egyptians as the 'most dedicated wife'.

Hi everyone, I've been reading the fixed star Spica brings good luck when in conjunction with planets in the natal chart. Further east over the southern horizon Scorpius the Scorpion is rising and just out of reach of its pincers is the planet Algol in Horary Astrology Theory and Practice. The Astrology Lodge. Definition of Spica in the Definitions. While Spica is sweet and innocent, Arcturus is more apt at dealing with the darker aspects of life on earth.

It is located in the sheaf of wheat held by Virgo. Fixed star Spica is of the nature of Venus and Mars. There are many chapters written in astrology books about fixed stars. Spica is 2. We each have our own journey through this lifetime, and insights gleaned from astrology can provide a unique view of that pathway with its opportunities, challenges, twists, turns, peaks and valleys. Spica--productive and creative, associated with honors, fame, and good fortune as well as social success and achievement in the arts and sciences.

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Both are stars linked to success, with Spica having throughout the ages been known as a star of protection. The star is the brightest star of the Virgo constellation and the 15th brightest star overall in the night sky. It contains Spica, one of the brightest stars in the night sky. The angularity: similarly to planets, the power of a star posited near an angle is highly strengthened.

Its image is a bird, or a man laden with merchandise. Since Spica is the star of the nature of Mercury and Venus, it pointed out to me the purpose of my astrology work visually i. Recommended: New Moon in Libra. My daughter and son are basically the stars of the family. Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes. A Royal Star. The point directly opposite to Chitra is 0 Aries, the beginning of the sidereal zodiac.

With an apparent magnitude of 0. So, Western Astrology uses the tropical zodiac. Spica Star Astrology. Apr 9, Arcturus has a relationship with the bright star, Spica nearby. Astrology: spica the royal behenian kabbalistic star - download this royalty free Vector in seconds. This star is also called Alpha Virginis, as it is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo the maiden. Spica Starseeds, are very rare starseeds. Sidereal astrology since it is based more on our actions as individuals, it is therefore a karmic type of astrology, since karma by definition is the result positive or negative of our actions.

Its absolute magnitude is Sidereal zodiac is tied to a fixed star Spica that is considered to be the exact opposition of the beginning of Aries. It is a bluish star; spectroscopic examination reveals Spica to be a binary with a four-day period, its two components being Spica. It was always a pleasure though. A fixed star in a Spica shows up conjunct the The first step in making the Spica talisman is to select a date and time when the Moon is either applying to a conjunction, sextile or trine of Spica, located at 23 Libra Spica in Virgo : "A double star in the wheat sheaf of Virgo, often referred to as "The Lucky One," associated with courage, fame, honor and lasting wealth, exceptional talent, skill or ability, especially beneficial for scientists, writers, artists, sculptors, and musicians, special passion for personal rights.

Social Club. Astronomers regard Spica as the standard example of a first magnitude star, due to its measured visual magnitude of exactly one. Nakshatra or Stars in Astrology. It gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination and prosperity by navigation and voyages. The Behenian fixed stars are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in the medieval astrology of Europe and the Arab world. Spica is the brightest star in Virgo and the 15th brightest star in the sky.

An Egyptian Coptic title was Khoritos, 'Solitary', on account of Spica being such a notably brilliant star in an otherwise poorly lit area of the sky. This talisman was made for improving business and increasing profit due to the benefic fixed star Spica. Spica looks like one star but it's really two stars that form an eclipsing binary system. SPICA has perfect aesthetic perception and accurate intuition. Spica is a binary star, which means it is really two stars larger and hotter than the sun, together they look like a single point of blue light, even when looking through an average telescope.

Sections of this page. Venus in Libra on Arcturus and Spica. Jan 3, Photo: weheartit. In other old drawings Virgo is shown with the Scales in her hand, again depicting the star Spica.

Astrology of Prince: His Life

Robson, The Archangel Oriel, the Watcher of the West. This burned-out stellar remnant is a faint companion to the brilliant blue-white Dog Star, Sirius, located in the winter constellation Canis Major. To learn more about astrology, check out this page to find links to articles, plus a Free Booklet about all the basics of astrology. From Arcturus keep tracing until you hit a blue star named Spica.