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Life doesn't get much better than living in those moments. Makeup: elizabethmott you'll thank me later shadow Primer. Smart yet fashionable bracelet with leather strap personalized with your zodiac sign in inoxidable steel. Versitile, fits with everything and gives off a dominant vibe.. Anyone would LOVE it!


Meet Augustus Plummer. He dresses for school in blazers and cargo pants. It's a pair that delights in wit, irony, and sarcasm. They create their own secret language. Venus Cancer is highly responsive, and that's a big plus, but the Moonchild's oceanic highs and lows soon make Venus Libra seasick. The Crab craves emotional intimacy, and Venus Libra is more likely to show affection with a teasing barb or complement.

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A promising pair that both venerate noble deeds, social grace and having a cultivated personal style. Each demands attention, though they could show a generosity of spirit, and cheer each other on. These signs tend to be status oriented and will want to show off as a couple. Venus Libra prides itself on being able to 'walk in another's shoes,' but benefits from Venus Leo's intensely self-centered creativity. Both signs have sensitive nervous systems, and if things go well, will create an orderly refuge against the chaotic world. They also share a perfectionist streak that could eclipse the peak moments.

Venus Libra can be the provocateur here, to disrupt balance, to reach new heights and avoid ruts of routine.

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But if there's trust, Venus Virgo likely won't mind. They instinctively know what the other needs -- a lover that mirrors back both the inner and outer beauty. They are a matching pair for double the social observations and insights on the relationship itself.

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If they don't overtalk things, they'll find time to be uplifted by art, music, and memoir. Venus Libra likes the adoring gaze, but with Venus Scorpio, those penetrating eyes peer into the very soul!

LIBRA - LIBRA (Compatibilidad)

The Scorpio lover comes across as serious, and at times even Venus Libra can turn that brooding frown upside down. Both have strong libidos, but Scorpio wants an atmosphere, not a wall of sound Libra talking. A magnetic coupling, if they harmonize very different personalities of diving deep and surfacing.


Noticing flaws or inconsistencies in someone's story could instill an urge to speak up but doing so could be the catalyst for confrontation if you're not careful. Someone might not be aware of how flimsy their views or opinions are, but you're not obliged to point this out. You know their judgment is skewed, but they'll learn more by digging a hole deeper for themselves than they will you stepping in to enlighten them.

Live and let live. Sticking to a matter of principle will bring a justified sense of pride. This can also gain you admiration from colleagues or friends, but that's unlikely to be your motivation for standing your ground in some way.

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  5. You're acting in a way that feels right, and sticking to your guns will ensure your integrity remains intact and uncompromised. You might sense someone doesn't take a certain matter as seriously as you do or is possibly overlooking the implications of what's offered by a bigger picture. You might also wonder if you've got the wrong end of the stick or if their lackadaisical attitude is justified. However, by taking time to reassess where one plan or arrangement is heading, you're able to gain the control you need to dictate its direction.

    If someone's attitude poses a problem to a plan's success, then they have a choice to make — either they're on board, or they aren't. You might believe your thoughts or feelings are concealed cleverly, but both are probably more visible and transparent than you think. However, rather than suppress either or both, allow yourself to be pushed to reveal them.

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    Se conmueve simplemente cuando se siente contenido y amado. Leo es fogoso, sensible, adora los reconocimientos y halagos, es aplicado, cuidadoso y lo atrae la inseguridad y fragilidad de Piscis.

    Hay un gran magnetismo entre ellos, ya que a Piscis lo deslumbra la simpleza y la inteligencia de Virgo para sobrellevar las dificultades, y a Virgo lo fascina la intuitiva y misteriosa personalidad de Piscis. Observamos en Virgo una persona comprometida, trabajadora, ahorrativa, muy organizada y generosa. La pureza y la honestidad de estos dos signos les abren camino en la sociedad, pues son muy reconocidos, queridos y tienen muchos amigos.